News Flash!

I Face the Sun is undergoing a facelift! And a tummy tuck. 🙂

After a year and a half in stasis, it’s time to get back into action. A lot has happened since this blog began in 2011, and I think I stopped writing not because I ran out of things to say, but that I wasn’t sure how to say them. But I’ve decided that rather than fit into a mold of how it’s “supposed” to be done, I’m going to live into my 2014 Word of the Year and be AUTHENTIC.

Messy. Imperfect. Occasionally irritating. But Fearlessly Authentic. I don’t want to play small anymore. Time to defy gravity.

I’m still moving the pieces around and working on that facelift – trying to minimize the number of widgets while still making things easy to navigate, etc. I have one theme in place now, but that could change next week if I decide it’s not working. I’m updating the About page. Probably the biggest changes are those that have taken place with me, and those are going to impact the content of the blog. I’m navigating some strange new waters, but at the core of everything are Faith, Hope, Gratitude, and the Creative Life.

So, please pardon my mess as I work to improve your reading experience. Thank you!



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