A September 11th Prayer

Heavenly Father, Creator of All, we are grateful for the beauty of this day. For sun, wind, earth and stars.

We thank You for the opportunity to gather together, to renew our hearts and spirits, to draw strength from Your word and from the testimonies of others. We are reminded that through faith, and with Your encouragement and grace, we can endure anything.

We ask for Your mercy and healing touch on those who are hurting – physically and emotionally. We are human and fragile. We break easily. But with Your hands to hold us up, nothing is impossible. We can not only stand, but fly.

“…but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint…” – Isaiah 40:31

Today, we remember those who died in New York, in Washington, and in Pennsylvania in 2001. We remember all the soldiers and civilians who have died or were persecuted in the violence that followed. We ask for healing for their families. Dry their tears. Mend their hearts.

We pray for healing in our world – that rather than using the past to create wider chasms, we use it to build bridges of compassion and peace. Give us the courage to do what may be the toughest thing of all – forgive. Give us the courage to love our neighbors and refuse to succumb to hatred. Give us the strength to face our fears and the faith to seek Your help when we need it.

In our times of joy and pain, You are with us and will never let go. In the spirit of peace, in the Name of Your Son we pray – Amen

*prayer written for a service of healing and wholeness at Epworth UMC in Toledo, 9/11/2012


2 thoughts on “A September 11th Prayer

  1. Thanks for posting this Elizabeth. I am also grateful for everything the Almighty Father has given us. Let’s continue to pray for the healing of these people and our nation. Praying that our Father’s healing, loving and merciful hand always protect you and yours.

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