What’s New, Sunshine?


Image by Graela via Flickr

I Face the Sun turned one year old on January 24th! It’s been a humbling, gratifying year in the blogging world. I’ve “met” some wonderful, creative people from all around the world – people who live colorful, chaotic, and extraordinary lives and make us all a little better informed and lighter of spirit because they choose to share their stories. Thank you to everyone who follows, likes, and posts!

Like I said on my About page a year ago, I’m subscribing to  Indiana Jones’ philosophy: “I dunno. I’m making this up as I go.” Many blogs are more focused than mine, but I decided not to pigeonhole myself. I’m still finding my way, but it’s becoming clearer. I suspect that 2012 will be a year of evolution, revelation, and transition – not just for blogging but on many fronts. I’m going to roll with it.

I’d thought about arranging some kind of “giveaway” to celebrate the new year and the anniversary of my blog, but from the get-go I didn’t really want this blog to be chained to my profession as an editor, consultant, and instructor. My love of writing bridges profession and avocation, but I want this to be fun. I worried that if I tried too hard to post because I “should,” then it would cease to be fun and I’d stop doing it all together.

There might be a few minor changes to the look of I Face the Sun, but overall things will stay the same.

More changes are afoot on my professional site. I’m working with Baker Lawley at Catfish Parade, and he’s doing a great job! He’s been very patient with my crazy ideas and I can’t wait for the final product. I attempted to illustrate the wallpaper for the site. It didn’t work, but I had fun getting in touch with my inner artist, who’s been asleep for a decade or so. It was worth the experiment.

Earlier this month, I selected a Word of the Year for 2012. That word was New. I wanted to seek out new things, new opportunities, new experiences, that fed my heart, soul, and creativity.

What’s new so far?

  • I bought a car. Not something I’d planned to do, and it’s not new new, but it’s new to me. And different from anything I’ve ever owned.
  • I Cleaned my Mac. I’d been dreading it, but it was quite painless!
  • New web site forthcoming.
  • New (and renewed) friendships. It’s amazing what can happen if you speak honestly and gently from the heart.
  • New experiences, including sharing my family history and genealogy experiences with the students at my daughters’ schools and assisting with Vespers services at one of the area assisted living communities.
  • Changing my vocabulary and approach. I admit I don’t have all the answers, and I seek out the people who might have them. I am taking classes to get a handle on the things that make me crazy – like budget balancing. Instead of saying, “I ought to try…”, I just do it.
  • Middle Eastern dance classes

So…what’s new with YOU?  How’s your 2012 starting out? Have you done anything you hadn’t expected to do?


6 thoughts on “What’s New, Sunshine?

  1. snagglewordz says:

    Happy Birthday I Face the Sun! Ha-a-a-p-pp-eeeee Bir-r-r-rth-d-aaaaa-a-y to yo-o-o-uuu! OK, I’ll stop there as my singing isn’t the best. Like your list of “What’s New,” especially the Middle Eastern Dance Classes…sounds like fun!

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