The Shape of Time: a poetry photo challenge

Curious, isn’t it, how an hourglass is the same shape

As the symbol for infinity?

On its side, you have all the time in the world.

You can live forever, love forever

Plenty of time for decisions or revisions

On its end, you watch time slip by.

Life and love run out

There’s no room for error with

Yes, or no

I love you, or I’m sorry

Grains of sand like the thoughts of God

Infinite and vast in quantity

Too many for the human eye to discern

Or the heart to process

Like reasons why you should stay

You’re part of my soul

We can create

Our own temporary forever

Where we have all kinds of time.

Curious, isn’t it, how fast time runs out

When faced with a choice?


15 thoughts on “The Shape of Time: a poetry photo challenge

  1. Very interesting connection! Since I got my first book of “Physics for Children” I’ve been wondering and experimenting with how to “make” time – hoping one day I’ll find out 😉

  2. This is beautiful food for thought Elizabeth… Yes, the shape of infinity in the hour glass … 🙂
    TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a changed schedule in my life … Glad to comment again. 🙂

  3. Isn’t it funny, how when you’re waiting, time just drags as if mocking you? Other days when you need to get somewhere quickly or you have an appointment time decides to rush past you so quickly that you can’t catch it? It almost seems alive sometimes, doesn’t it?
    I loved, “Grains of sand like the thoughts of God infinite and vast in quantity.” Wow! It kind of blew my mind. Very good read!

    • Hi, Elizena! Thank you for stopping by. I agree – it’s like time has a consciousness…and is a bit of a practical joker. Maybe it’s not our imaginations! Sometimes I think there’s a message from God in those moments: we’re either rushing for no reason and need to slow down, or He wants us to think about what’s really important. And when time seems to cooperate, maybe we’re “in the zone.” It lovely meeting you and I look forward to visiting your blog and hearing what you have to say! Elizabeth

  4. last_lines says:

    “Grains of sand like the thoughts of God” – beautiful words.
    Lovely poem Elizabeth. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.
    – Kim

    • Thank you, Anthony! It was inspired by Psalm 139:17-18

      “How weighty to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast the sum of them!
      I try to count them – they are more than the sand;
      I come to the end – I am still with you.”

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