Summer Leaves: a poetry photo challenge

“Go outside and play,” they said.

But there are too many books I haven’t read.

Up into the branches of my favorite tree

To smell the leaves and hear the breeze

Whisper, “Tell me a story. Read me a life.”

Ella Enchanted or Subtle Knife?

Inkheart, Holes, or Coraline?

Little Women, Twice Upon a Time?

I know why the caged bird sings.

I know why there were three rings.

Because of my summers in lofty nooks

Getting lost in pages of books.


16 thoughts on “Summer Leaves: a poetry photo challenge

  1. This poem is terriffic, Elizabeth, and it met the challlenge well.
    It is such a good – {go down memory lane} – write.
    I know I, too, can relate with the summer library reads. My friends and I would
    read so many books just to get a small token from the librarian at the end for all
    our efforts. Little did we know what an impact reading would have on our lives.
    Very thought provoking … enoyed it very much.

  2. This poem certainly resonated with me…I would still rather read a book than “go outside and play” πŸ˜‰ That said, as a kid, I loved to climb trees. The ultimate? A comfy treehouse where I could read!

    • I’m wondering if certain books we liked as children stick in our DNA…I loved Nancy Drew mysteries as a child, and my 8 year old started reading them over the summer!

    • Thanks, Mish! I have fond memories of my best friend Deanne and I riding our bikes to our local library during the summer and coming home with as many books as we could carry. It was always a friendly reading competition to see who could log the most books in a summer. πŸ™‚

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