The Versatile Blogger Award: Showin’ the Love!

Gratitude going out to my blogosphere friend Isadora – poet, photographer, grower of orchids, and maker of jewelry – for presenting me with a Versatile Blogger Award.  I’m honored and I so appreciate her support, feedback, and inspiration!

As part of this honor I have three tasks:

  • Link back to the blog of the person who gave you the award (check! Please do visit Isadora’s blog, read her poetry and see her lovely orchids)
  • Tell seven things about yourself
  • Choose 15 bloggers to “pay it forward” and show some love!

Seven things about myself?  Well, I suppose the first thing I should say is…

  1. I dislike honking my own horn – which, as a solopreneur, does me no favors in terms of self-promotion! But I’m learning.
  2. I enjoy teaching, consulting, and leading writing conference sessions – and I think what I enjoy most is helping other writers grow and maintain their enthusiasm for the creative process.  Writing is a lonely business at times, and sometimes, writers just need an objective set of eyes and ears to give them honest, helpful feedback.
  3. I am a Biblical Storyteller – I’ve recently learned to tell stories of the Bible, not just read them aloud. The stories are not memorized, but told “from the heart.” It makes a huge difference in the emotional and spiritual impact of the stories.
  4. Surprising (perhaps) bucket list revelation: I want to learn to play the fiddle. I love Celtic fiddle music and American bluegrass.
  5. I’m a second degree black belt – I started martial arts when I was 36.  Proof positive it’s never too late to start anything. In fact, one of my most challenging partners is my friend Richard, a 65-year-old semi-retired pastor!
  6. Dream Vacation: four weeks on walkabout in Scotland, staying in self-cater crofters’ cottages. “Caledonia, you’re calling me…”
  7. My favorite place to be – anywhere outdoors. My backyard sanctuary, the Son Rise Garden, any of our local Metroparks. Even if it’s the middle of winter. I can dress for it.

Now comes the challenging part. I am a blogging newbie (I’ve been at this less than a year), but I’ve met, read, and learned from many talented bloggers who are creative and inspiring.  Do visit their blogs and see what they’re all about.

  1. Karen C.L. Anderson:  Karen’s a dear friend, and we’ll be meeting face to face for the first time this weekend (yes, expect a blog entry!).
  2. Joy Tanksley:  I found her blog via Karen.  Joy is great for a daily dose of Happy!  Ladies, check out Joy’s Moxie Academy.
  3. Dr. Brené Brown/Ordinary Courage:  Karen gifted me with Dr. Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection last winter, and it was like receiving permission to screw up – which I needed, otherwise I would never try.
  4. Tammy Strobel/Rowdy Kittens:  About the same time I was reading The Gifts of Imperfection, I read an article in the NY Times about Tammy and her husband’s downsizing efforts, living simply, and of course, her blog Rowdy Kittens.  The day I visited the blog the first time, she’d posted about the lessons she’d learned while developing her blog and books. She answered every concern I had in my  head about blogging – and it gave me the final push to start I Face the Sun.  Thanks, Tammy! You don’t know me, but thank you all the same.
  5. Angelia Sims Hardy:  “Living, Loving, Laughing” is chock full of Angelia’s stunning photography and optimistic juju!
  6. Liane Benedict, Steve Tryon, and The Walkabout Chronicles: Kind of a three-fer here. Liane and Steve created The Walkabout Chronicles: Journeys through Life.  They are passionate about life, living, and being part of the world around them. Not only is Walkabout a splendid blog and forum, but Liane and Steve are artists in their own rights.
  7. Elizabeth Obih-Frank: Mirth and Motivation: the name says it all! Elizabeth’s site is positive and powerful.
  8. Charles L. Mashburn: Marbles in my Pocket: I became acquainted with Charles and his writing through Bluebell Books and I wanted to say THANK YOU for his encouragement and feedback.
  9. James Hamilton: Geekstronomy – all things pop culture right at your fingertips. It takes courage and dedication to follow your passion.
  10. Bluebell Books: a great place for bloggers of all stripes to connect and stretch their creativity
  11. Morning: “Let the Caged Bird Sing” is the name of her blog. This bird sings in poetry and images.
  12. Mish/Writer-in-Transit: Mish is indeed a Versatile Blogger – there’s a whole rainbow, a whole treasure chest of creativity to be read!
  13. Jeanie McBain/All Kinds of Everything: a new blogging acquaintance, but I LOVE the optimism and love that radiates from her blog!
  14. Rox Linnell/Deadbook:  Props to my tall, cool friend Rox for writing while roping and riding the range. Read about her adventures in the slushpiles of publishers as she seeks a home for her novel, Deadbook.
  15. e.a.s. demers: “From the Inkwell, From the Vein” sums up the writing life. She is a lover of books, a reader of books, a writer of books, and purveyor of books. Thanks, e.a.s., for your feedback and encouragement here at IFTS.

As I compiled this list, I realized I know a helluva lot of bloggers!  It was hard to choose ONLY 15.  So go on out there and pay it forward. Read. Write. Encourage.

11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award: Showin’ the Love!

  1. I just got back from two weeks in Scotland – one of my bucket list items – and it was grand. My beau drove on the other side of the road and we did so well. I wish you well on getting that item ticked off your list. It’s well worth it. I kept thinking how neat it was to be there. So many castles, so little time!
    Enjoy always, T

  2. You are so deserving of this award. I thought of you immedaitely after Gayle. You were both there during the infant stage of Beliefnet. So pleased, we continued on another site. I would have missed out on so many wonderful stories. Now, I know many more things about who you are.
    I, especially, like the bible telling stories from the heart.

    • Thanks, Isadora, for the award! I’m glad we found a new blogging home too. I am connected with our friend Faintly (not sure if you knew her from Beliefnet or not) on LinkedIn…I’ll have to put a bug in her ear about joining us. 🙂 Learning Biblical Storytelling is one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. You can read the words a hundred times, but when you hear them told with passion and feeling and inflection…it makes such a difference. It’s Matthew 6: 25-33 this weekend. 😉 Psalm 139 during the week, and Deuteronomy 34:1-12 at the end of the month…that’s probably the most challenging one I’ve done so far. I’ll also be teaching some members of our congregation about scripture-by-heart this month…I’m looking forward to it!

  3. First off, Congratulations on your award!!! Plus, I got to learn a bit more about you. 2nd degree blat belt? WoW! Thank you also for the mention and the pass-along award. I am delighted. 🙂

  4. Roxane Linnell says:

    Awwww. . . thanks, Liz! And back ‘atcha! My eyes bugged to see you’d only been writing “Sun” for a year, you seem so … well…*ulp*, may I say “professional”? Seems we have many of the same interests – I have played violin since childhood, have played in “sessions” in Irish pubs all over the Bay Area (was captain of the darts team of one, lol), and traveled all over Ireland for six weeks playing in pubs and meeting wonderful people. And may I add, the horn-honking has been a bee-atch for me as well, so a *high five* on putting yourself out there.

    • Rox! I had no idea about your musical abilities! Wow! I just learned something new.

      Yep, I Face the Sun won’t turn 1 until January 2012. I am working on merging it with my web site (which is being revamped) – time to marry those two pieces of my life, I think.

      Sending {{{{{good publishing vibes}}}}} for your book.


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