Spiritual Detour

Please visit The Walkabout Chronicles to read my latest blog, Spiritual Detour and check out Liane and Steven’s chronicles of their Blue Ridge Walkabout.

Keep smiling!



6 thoughts on “Spiritual Detour

  1. Footnote: 4/15/2012 – I noticed the link was broken since Steve and Liane redesigned their web site and split it into two separate sites. The “Spiritual Detour” link is now updated…and stop by and see Steve and Liane’s art and insights at “The Walkabout Chronicles”.

  2. I just finished reading Spiritual Detour on Walkabout Chronicles. It is a very in depth article with a great many discoveries for you. No doubt your long voyage has brought you to this. I, too, have experienced the painful release you speak about. Sometimes at the end of my yoga class when we are in our quiet meditation time, I feel tears well up and flow gently from my inner core. It is very healing and regenerates my spirit.
    Nice job,

    • Thank you, so much, Isadora. It was very surprising. I’ve come close to tears when punching the bags in karate too…which kind of tells me the tears stem from unresolved anger. But in the case of the music meditation, I’m not sure where they came from…but they did have a healing effect. It paved the way for more spiritual changes that occurred later that same week, and that have continued since.

      Peace to you,

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