Frailty, thy name is internet service…

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It’s going to take me until September to get caught up on Trust30 at this rate. I had an internet snafu at home and am still sorting it out – but at least I have prompts stockpiled for those inevitable dry spells!

In addition to Trust30, I’ll have plenty to say about a book I’m reading: “The Joy of Doing Things Badly” by Veronica Chambers.  Finding this book on the shelf at my local library was a case study in great timing!  I’ve been wrestling with a lot of familiar demons lately and getting increasingly frustrated.

The secondary title is “A Girl’s Guide to Love, Life, and Foolish Bravery.” Veronica tackles all of this and more. 

My favorite topics so far:

The Everyday Picnic.  The notion of a picnic captures joy, childhood, relaxation, and carefree days.  It can be in the middle of the living room floor, on your apartment balcony, or at the public park. It’s another way to bring something special and joyful into your life any time of the year!

Rejection. (Yes, rejection.) When you are rejected, either professionally or personally, allow yourself a little time to grieve, but get back in the saddle ASAP.  I have two jobs at the moment in which rejection is as much a part of the deal as setting my own hours. I needed her sage advice. Veronica said she allows herself one day to cry as much as she wants. The second day, she’s allowed to cry but has to make an effort to get out of the house. On day three, she allows herself to be sad, but also does something that makes her “turn the page.” It could be going out with friends and having fun, or sending a query to another magazine or publisher.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the book. So far, I feel like she’s the friend who showed up on my doorstep with a box of tissues and a huge box of Godiva chocolates and said, “Tell me all about it, sister friend, because I’ll bet I’ve been there too. It’s gonna be okay, and so are you.”


4 thoughts on “Frailty, thy name is internet service…

  1. Hi, ladies! Thanks for chiming in – this whole lack of internet thing at home is killin’ me. After this weekend, I should be good to go. As the song says, “A change will do ya good.” Back in the saddle next week – and then Liz has some serious catch-up work to do.

  2. The Everyday Picnic … reminded me of Julia Roberts in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” when she is having a picnic on her living room floor in Italy. ~~~ : – ) I thought that a “FUN” thing to do …. AND …. have.

    Rejection – Mmmmmm … I think I can say I’m a professional at being rejected. As a former Artful Jewelry designer, I can atest to being rejected every weekend at an art show for 28 years by many, many customers. You learn that rejection is another way of “Life” saying to you … ” Don’t Give Up”.


  3. That sounds like a GREAT book!! I am dealing with a bit of rejection (I knew it would happen sooner or later) and I allowed myself some grief, but am making several attempts to get myself back into the saddle (as well as understanding that one person’s gentle opinion is just that).

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