The Domino Project – a Quest for Trust and Self-Reliance

Beware of what you set your heart upon...For i...

Writing Challenges have been mixed successes for me. I attempt NaNoWriMo every other year or so and have reached 50,000 words twice in 6 years. I came into the Reverb10 Challenge late last year, and worked with a couple of the prompts but I will take up the challenge again when it launches in December because even just noodling with it a bit, I learned a lot about myself and my priorities!

I’ve had a bit of a funk going for the last week or two – nothing crippling, just second guessing some decisions I’ve made and staring down the “Fear of Failure” monster that seems to sense when I’m vulnerable. My friend Karen sent me the link for #Trust30 Project. The impetus for the challenge is the 208th birthday of Ralph Waldo Emerson and the republishing of his legendary tome Self-Reliance by The Domino Project.  You can read the full scope of the project and visit the site by clicking here.

The gist of the #Trust30 Project is to commit to using the given prompts and blog about them, to foster self-reliance, personal strength, just exploring what’s important to you. And you don’t have to blog necessarily – you can journal, you can Tweet, whatever works for you.

I came to the party late, but I will spend the next couple days getting caught up on the prompts provided so far and following it through to the end of June. Earlier in the year, I’d discovered my 2011 Word of the Year — TRUST. I think it’s time to recover it, and get some steel reinforcements.

#Trust30 started May 31 and continues to June 30.


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