My ABCs of 2011

* A friend told me all that was on the blog was the headline for this entry…no content. I’m sure the problem existed between the chair and the keyboard, but I have no idea why the post went MIA. So here we are…once more, with feeling! The ABCs of 2011!

This is kind of a riff on Christine Kane’s fabulous Word of the Year “Resolution Revolution”…in which you find a single word that you would like to be your focus for the year. I’ve done that myself (more about that in a future post) and it really makes a big difference in your focus and determination.

I got to thinking about words, concepts, feelings and ideas thatย  resonate with me, that are important on physical, spiritual, and mental levels. And I said to myself, “I bet you could come up with an alphabetical list.”

So I did:

Abundance, Beauty, Clarity, Dream/Do, Elevate, Faith, Gratitude, Hope, Intent, Joy, Kiss (hey, couldn’t use a little more of that action?), Laughter (ditto), Music, No, Openness, Play, Quiet, Resilience, Shine/Spirit, Trust, Understanding, Validate, Wholehearted, eXample (yes, that’s cheating – but did I really want to focus on xylophones and x-rays? I think not!), Yes, and Zebra Swallowtail.

Now, I suppose my “Z” requires a bit of an explanation.

The second half of 2010 was difficult. I spent too much time alone – although not all of it was bad. I spent too much time inside my head, and not enough time in my heart.

Getting outside to garden – in my own garden, and in the Son Rise Garden coordinated by the church I attend – saved me.

One late summer afternoon, feeling very restless and confused, I decided to wander around the backyard and see what the flowers were up to. I took my scissors because one of my butterfly bushes was in need of snipping. If you remove the spent blooms, new ones burst forth – it’s amazing! So I started at the bottom of the bush – snipping, thinking, meditating – and when I straightened up to stretch, I came nose to antennae with a swallowtail.

There was that feeling of being ten again. I saw the butterfly and thought, “How cool is that?” And instantly, I felt better.

But the true miracle showed itself when the butterfly lifted off. Most of the swallowtail’s right wing was missing, like it had had a near miss with a bird or cat.ย  Sad and amazed, I watched the swallowtail – flapping the damaged wing twice as hard as the good one – lift up and bounce its way over the fence, between the pines, and out of sight.

Maybe that butterfly was a study in Resilience. Or Determination. Even damaged, it was still beautiful. Perhaps more so.


6 thoughts on “My ABCs of 2011

    • Hi, Scott! I’m honored that you stopped by – and thank you for your support. Things are going well – a little chaotic, but I’d rather have that than a whole lot of nuthin’. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope all is well with you and your family too!

  1. kclanderson says:

    Wow…the part about the butterfly brought tears to my eyes.

    And you know what? When I awake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep I play the alphabet game. I pick a category and go through the alphabet, coming up with a word in the category for each letter. I especially like to choose “empowering” or “healthy” words. And when I come to “C”, no matter what the category, I always say, “calm, cool, collected.” And when I come to “K” I always say “Karen.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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