Defiant Optimism!

How crazy is it that being optimistic feels defiant?

I feel like I’m going against the grain…being rebellious…by daring to live a life of optimism.

I spent the latter part of 2010 stuck in spiritual quicksand. I couldn’t shake the feeling of “life sucks and then you die.” And I wondered how the heck I got that way. I didn’t used to be like that. What happened?

Lots of stuff happened. All at once. But not the stuff I’d hoped would happen. Health problems. Unforeseen major expenses. Pronounced lack of work. Physical and psychic injuries. Unsuccessful attempts at living the life I thought I was supposed to live, not the one I have.

Toward the end of last year, with the help of some lovely friends, quality time with my journals, and keeping my heart open for answers, I picked my way through the rubble of 2010. And clear as daylight, the thought came to me:

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore.”

I was tired of the cynics and whiners and, frankly, the jerks of the world getting all the attention. I was breathing their second hand smoke.

It was getting harder to do what I knew was best and knew was right…it was easier to just insulate myself by not connecting with anyone any more than I had to. I was starting to expect the worst in everyone, instead of the best, and that applied to myself too.

I don’t want to be that way. Ever.

I thought about blogging. And then I thought, “But what could I possibly say that hasn’t already been said? Who am I to put my thoughts out there?”

And my Wholehearted Girlfriends issued a collective dopeslap and said, in unison, “Who are you NOT to??”

And I whispered to myself, “But who’s going to care?”

I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out! But I have to believe that there’s more than just a handful of Us – the hopeful, the positive, the seekers. We may all be singing our own songs but perhaps it’s time to put our voices together.

So that’s what I Face the Sun is about. Choosing to live an optimistic life. It’s not a new concept, and it doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to good people, but we’ll bounce, and have some everyday miracles in our pockets as souvenirs.

I’m going to bask in the sun. You’re welcome to join me. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Defiant Optimism!

  1. I am so glad I happened upon your site….I very much relate to your story. I look forward to reading about your journey.

    Working on my own journey project too…work in progress.

  2. Oh!!! Looks wonderful and inspiring! I have to warn you – on this journey – you will be called a pollyanna and many will not believe it’s possible to defy. 🙂

    I believe and I applaud you for living life different. Here with you in heart and spirit.

    • Thank you, Angelia! There’s a part of me that remains forever 10 and hopeful. These days, we need our inner skateboarding, ice cream eating, firefly catching 10 year old more than ever.

      Hugs to you! I might need some of your awesome photos here, so get your camera fixed! 😉


  3. Patty Sherry says:

    Hi linked to you from Brene’s blog,

    What’s not to like about looking for everyday miracles? My thought about miracles: They are every tiny moment of nothing that burst into something. Good for you, keep on blogging. Nice to meet you in cyber land. I enjoyed your blog.

    • Very nice to meet you too, Patty! I love your thought on everyday miracles. I’m still a blogging rookie, but I’ll do my best to stretch beyond, “Ate oatmeal today. It was nasty.” 😉


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